PA1 Dynamic Plate Reverb

PA1 Dynamic Plate Reverb is an FX plug-in that uses a physical model of a plate based on modal synthesis.
The dynamic control of physical parameters gives unique and creative reverberation.

PA1 Dynamic Plate Reverb

Key Features

Demo vocals by Catherine Gillespie.
Thanks to Jouni Helminen for his input on UI design.

How it works: We start from a mathematical description, the Kirchhoff plate equation, that gives the displacement in terms of size, thickness, and tension, as well as the properties of the chosen material (Young's modulus, density, and Poisson's ratio). Using this description we calculate 6,000 modes of vibration for the system to give a dense and rich reverberant quality. From there we perform a real-time integration to compute the displacement of the plate, with the decay times across the 8 octave bands of the modes.

PA1 Dynamic Plate Reverb will be released in March